At Propel Career Academy, we believe that anyone should be able to access a good, solid trade education.  That’s why we’ve setup multiple options to cover the cost of that education. 

In-House, No Interest Financing

Veterans Education Benefits VA, GI Bill

Pay-At-Once With A Credit Card

When you apply, you'll have the option to select your preferred payment method and we will work with you to make sure it's the best for your situation. 


Propel In-House Financing

Propel Career Academy offers interest free, in-house financing to students who qualify.  There are restrictions that apply, so fill out the form below and check “yes” when asked if you’re interested in financial aid.  The PCA team will get back to as soon as they can and can help you see what your financing options might be. 

GI Bill or Other VA Education Benefits

Propel Career Academy is an approved Veterans Benefits Adminstration College and Career Academy.  This means that you can use your GI Bill or other VA education benefits to help cover or offset the costs of your education through Propel Career Academy.  To learn more about how to apply to use your VA benefits, visit the VA website at, www.va.gov/education

Pay-At-Once With Credit Card

Propel Career Academy accepts credit cards, cashiers check, or wire transfers from verified banks. This means you can pay all at once with your credit card, or you can use a loan or other source from a bank to pay for your education. If you are receiving help from a relative or a friend, they can work directly with Propel Career Academy to make a payment. Contact Us to learn more about how you can Pay-At-Once. 

To Apply for a Propel Career Academy Course or get more information from our Propel team, fill out the form below.



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